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The TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL site ( is published by VIP EVENTS SAINT-TROPEZ SARL. VIP EVENTS SAINT-TROPEZ SARL is responsible for processing your personal data.

Since cookies are personal data, their processing is governed by our ” Privacy Policy “. As functional cookies are required for the functioning of our Site, the processing of these cookies is based on our legitimate interest. Other cookies will not be placed unless we obtain the User’s consent to do so.

1 – Types of cookies: 

First-party cookies are cookies that are placed directly on the Site by the Site.

Third-party cookies are cookies placed on the Site by third parties, in particular because the Site incorporates elements of other websites.

Functional cookies are cookies that ensure the proper functioning of all elements of the website. These include cookies for the protection of the Site, cookies for load balancing (i.e., distributing requests to a server over several computers) and cookies for user interface customization (including language selection and search result display). We may place these cookies without the User’s consent for this purpose.

Non-functional cookies are placed for statistical, social and commercial purposes and are independent of the technical support of the Site and do not qualify for exemption from the consent requirement. The explicit consent of the User is required for the placement of these cookies.

– Technical (non-functional) cookies are used to store the User’s preferences. By placing this type of functional cookies, the Site facilitates the User’s visits to the Site. In this way, the User does not have to systematically enter the same information each time he visits the Site.

– Analytical cookies collect general information about how the Site is used. Based on this information, the Site can perform a statistical analysis of the use of the Site. Based on this analysis, the Site can make the structure, navigation and content of the Site more user-friendly and improve it.

– Marketing cookies are used to personalise online advertisements. This allows the Site (and third parties) to gain insight into the performance of a campaign. This is done by means of a profile based on, among other things, the User’s clicks and navigation on the Site.

This also includes social media cookies. These cookies offer the possibility of including buttons from social networking sites. The buttons work via code from these sites. A convenient tool for promoting web pages such as “like” and “pins”.

If social networking sites use the Site to place these cookies to collect data, the Site has no influence on how these social networks use and process this data. The User can find further information on this subject in the privacy statements of the social network sites. Please note that these privacy statements may be changed at any time by the social networking sites.

2 – Lifetime of cookies: 

Permanent cookies remain present on the User’s device for the entire life of the cookie. They are activated each time the User visits the Site.

Session cookies simplify and link the User’s actions during the browser session. A browser session begins when the User opens the browser screen and ends when the User closes it. Session cookies are placed temporarily. As soon as the browser is closed, all session cookies are deleted.

3 – Functions – Purposes: 

The Site uses cookies to personalise the User’s experience and adapt it to his interests and preferences, or simply to facilitate his connection to use the services. Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies. If the User does not wish to accept cookies, he/she can set his/her computer to refuse cookies or to alert him/her when cookies are being stored.

If the User refuses to use cookies, the Site’s ability to provide personalised services to the User will be limited. Cookies cannot and will not be used to capture a person’s email address, obtain information from their hard drive, or collect confidential or sensitive information about them. In addition, cookies cannot be read by a website other than the one setting the cookie.

4 – Cookies on the Site: 

Functional cookies were used for the website and the forms: pll_language: ,wordpress_ : , wordpress_logged_in_ : , wordpress_logged_in_ :, wordpress_sec_ : , wordpress_test_cookie: , wp-settings: , wp-settings-time:, wp_lang:.

You can’t refuse these cookies if you wish to browse this website, but they are only placed after a choice has been made regarding their placement.

5 – Consent: 

It is only allowed to save cookies on the User’s device without his consent if the visit to the Site is impossible without using the cookie or if the cookie is necessary for the service provided by the Site. If these conditions are not met, the Site will place the relevant cookies only after obtaining the User’s consent.

The User can give his consent when he visits the Site for the first time, by clicking on “All cookies”. The User also has the possibility to define his preferences by clicking on the “manage cookies” button, where he can choose to use only certain cookies.

The User may revoke his or her consent at any time by clicking on the “Set Preferences” button at the top of that cookie or at the bottom of any web page.

6 – Activation, deactivation and deletion of cookies 

Through his Internet browser, the User can delete cookies automatically or manually and can decide whether certain cookies can be placed. The User can also configure his or her Internet browser to notify the User when a cookie is set. The User can find more information about these possibilities in the instructions in the help function of his browser.

Please note! If cookies are disabled, the Site may not function optimally. After deletion in the browser, the cookies will be placed again with the permission of the User during his next visit to the Site.

7 – Contact 

For questions and/or remarks concerning our policy on cookies and the present declaration, the User may contact the Site via