Terms and Conditions

General Conditions for the Top Model International Contest
  1. The Organizer proposes the participation of the candidate in the modeling contest titled “TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL”. This contest is open to any person aged between 15 and 40 years as of January 1, 2025. Each candidate participates in the contest solely for their personal interest and not for professional purposes. By participating in this contest, the candidate agrees to these General Conditions described below (“the Candidate” or collectively “the Candidates”). The minor candidate explicitly declares that their legal representative(s) have read these general conditions and have given their unconditional consent to the candidate’s participation. Failing this, the minor candidate will be disqualified. The Organizer may replace the candidate if necessary.
  2. The contest includes:
    • A preliminary selection (online casting).
    • A preliminary selection (physical casting).
    • A public semi-final event.
    • A public final event.

    During the preliminary selection rounds, the contest’s organizing committee will decide which candidates are admitted to the semi-final. Semi-finalists must participate in various activities scheduled by the organizer. Finalists must participate in the various activities scheduled by the Organizer during the final. The selection will be based on criteria such as photogenic qualities, age, height, attitude, and posture of the candidate. These criteria will be determined at the sole discretion of the Organizer. No claims from unsuccessful candidates will be accepted against the organizing committee’s selection decisions.

  3. Participation in the contest implies full and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions, including any subsequent modifications necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. The Organizer will notify candidates of such changes whenever possible. Participation is limited to one registration per candidate.
  4. Participation in the contest requires online registration via the Top Model International website (www.topmodelinternational.com). Once the candidate is selected at the first physical appointment, a fee of €40 for registration and file management will be requested. Passwords and login credentials (“the Codes”) provided to the candidate are strictly personal and confidential. The candidate is responsible for the use of their Codes. If confidentiality is compromised, the candidate must immediately inform the Organizer to take appropriate measures.
  5. The candidate attests that they are not bound by any exclusive contract with a modeling agency at the time of application and until the end of the contest. Failure to comply with this commitment allows the Organizer to exclude the candidate from the contest. The candidate agrees not to participate in any beauty contest or sign an exclusive contract with a modeling or casting agency during the period from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2025. Winners of this contest may not participate in any other modeling or Miss & Mister contest for 2 years following their election (2025/2026/2027).
  6. Candidates must have valid identification and, for non-EU candidates, a valid passport covering the contest period (July 1, 2024, to December 31, 2025, at minimum). These documents will be required by the Organizer, who reserves the right to verify the candidates’ identity and address. Minor candidates must also have written permission from their legal representative(s) to travel alone. False identity or document declarations will result in immediate disqualification. Candidates must provide accurate information to the Organizer, who is not responsible for any false declarations. The Organizer may replace disqualified candidates.
  7. Participation is free and does not involve any form of remuneration or compensation. Semi-finalists must secure sponsorship or patronage worth at least €300 to cover training and preparation costs. Finalists must secure sponsorship or patronage worth at least €2,500 to cover promotion, accommodation, meals, activities, training, and preparation costs for the final in Monaco. Sponsors will be highlighted on the candidate’s online profile and communication materials. Travel, transportation, and meal costs for semi-finalists and finalists will not be covered by the Organizer.
  8. Candidates must present a clean criminal record and refrain from any excessive alcohol consumption, use of tranquilizers, illicit substances, or any substances causing intoxication. They must also refrain from discriminatory, racist, or xenophobic remarks.
  9. Candidates agree not to use the name “TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL,” the title won, or related attributes for political, ideological, religious, erotic, or pornographic purposes.
  10. In case of behavior contrary to these regulations or harm to the contest’s image, candidates may be suspended or stripped of their title. Disqualified candidates must return any received gifts and may have their title awarded to the runner-up at the Organizer’s discretion.
  11. Candidates acknowledge the media interest in their image, voice, name, or pseudonym resulting from their participation in the contest and fully assume the consequences.
  12. During the contest period, candidates grant the Organizer exclusive, worldwide rights to their image and voice for free. Candidates acknowledge that their image and/or voice will be recorded and may be broadcast to the public. The Organizer reserves the right to exploit or not exploit the candidates’ image at their discretion.

    Candidates allow the Organizer and its assigns to record, reproduce, modify, adapt, and publicly distribute recordings of their image and/or voice on any media, known or unknown, for free or for a fee. After the contest, candidates permit the Organizer to use their image for promotional purposes without financial compensation. This unlimited image rights grant remains valid even if the candidate’s civil status changes.

    Candidates guarantee the Organizer against any claims from individuals or entities regarding the use of their image. Candidates declare that their grant of image and voice rights does not infringe on third-party rights.

  13. No prizes will be awarded during the casting (selection process). Contest winners will receive trips with professional photo shoots and other gifts from sponsors. Candidates will not receive any compensation, and no claims for compensation will be accepted.
  14. Candidates must obtain prior approval from the Organizer before using the “TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL” name, title, or related attributes for commercial purposes, interviews, photo shoots, or television reports.
  15. Participation in the contest does not establish an employment relationship between the parties. The Organizer is not responsible for any accidents, costs, or damages occurring during or after participation. If the contest is postponed, canceled, or interrupted for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control, the Organizer assumes no liability.
  16. Candidates declare that their legal representative(s) will ratify this agreement upon reaching the age of majority. Legal representatives also act as guarantors for the candidate’s obligations.
  17. Unforeseen cases will be decided by the Organizer, and their decision is final. Any modifications to these general conditions must be in writing. These conditions represent the entire agreement between the parties, replacing any previous written or oral agreements. The nullity or inapplicability of any clause does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The parties will replace invalid clauses with valid ones that closely approximate the economic intent of the original clause. Failure to enforce any provision does not constitute a waiver of future enforcement. Notifications between parties are valid if sent by registered mail, fax, or email to the addresses listed at the beginning of this agreement unless a change of address is notified.
  18. Candidates acknowledge and agree to the Website’s Legal Notices, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.
  19. Unless otherwise required by protective legislation, the contractual relationship between the parties is governed by French law. Any disputes will be subject to the courts of Paris.

For any questions or comments related to the contest, please contact: office@topmodelinternational.com